Basic Operating Instructions

iPad Tutorial I (24 minutes) - by MobileProfessor on YouTube

iPad Tutorial 2 (13 minutes) - by MobileProfessor on YouTube

iPad Tutorial 3 (16 minutes) - by MobileProfessor on YouTube

iPad Tutorial 4 (27 minutes) - by MobileProfessor on YouTube
Top 10 iPad Tips
10 basic tips for ease in using an iPad
iPad Learning
From Apple in Education-resources to get started, apps, and ideas
Teach with your iPad
Scroll down to the iPad Activities link to check out how to use some of the Apps in the classroom.
RI Common Core Apps
CCSS - Informational Text. These apps are linked to the common core READING FOR INFORMATION standards.
Best Kid Apps
Best Kid Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Andriod-divided into ages groups 0-12, this site reviews the apps to let you know the best of what's available and how to use it, includes a large section of free apps
iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Apps for Sped
An extensive list of over 175 apps in the areas of communication, reading, math, organization, art, song, accessibility, etc. Many are free apps
iPads in Education
This comprehensive site includes pages for using iPads in all content areas from reading to numeracy.
10 Apps for Teachers and Administrators
This blog post contains 10 useful apps ranging from a planning tool to an IEP checklist-some are free and some have a cost.
iPad Apps for k-12
Check out this list of apps compiled be special education teachers, school pyschologists, and speech therapists. These are great for ALL kids and classrooms.
Apps for Social Studies
Click the gray menu tabs across the top to look at different categories and apps under each.
Apps for Physical Education
Scroll down to find links to 30+ apps for PE teachers.
Apps for children with special needs
Apps for a variety of uses including productivity, social and study skills, and various content areas.
Teachers blog about favorite apps and how they are used in the classroom
Education Apps Review- A Community Effort to Upgrade Education Apps
Apps to Support Bloom's Taxonomy
Apps to address creativity, application, analyzing, application, understanding, and remembering
Elementary Apps
General use apps and divided by content – Google not best search engine for this site
Apps for the Primary Classroom
Divided by content areas
iPads in Schools
Search by elementary, middle, or high school
Apps for Pre K
Browse through their favorites
Bridging Apps
Rate apps for SPED uses-mostly communication skills.
Scoop it! iPad recommendation list

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