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100 Ways Educators use Google
Read through the list and click active links to take you to live examples of ideas for using Google in the classroom.
Google Search Features
Tricks and tips for faster, more efficient searches
Google A Day
A daily question serves as the search starter. Submit your response to see if you're correct, how fast you responded, or go back in time to see previous questions.
Google Inside Search
Explore a wide range of Google search features.
Google Calculator
simply type the equation into the Google search box and the answer will be calculated automatically
Google Docs PP
Overview for educators
Self-Grading Quiz with Google Docs
video tutorial for creating a self-grading quiz in Google Docs
35 Ways to use Google Docs
PowerPoint presentation
Google URL Shortner
Paste in long URLs and Google will create a new short URL
Google Docs
Step by step guide for using Google Docs
It is not always easy to find "easy to read" texts online. With Twurdy, you can now find texts that suit your students' readability level. It looks for the number of words on the page, the average number of syllables in each word and the average sentence length. The lighter the colour is, the easier the text is. Also, Twurdy comes from "Too Wordy?".Isn't it so cool?
Historypin is a tool combining maps and photos to find and share images and stories from the past. Great for historical research.
Google News
Search for South Dakota, U.S., national, and world news with one click.