Prior to attending an ESA 7 event, please register for the professional development opportunity by going to .
    • If this is the first time you have entered the state's escWorks, please go to and click on "Sign up for a Free Account" in the lower left box." Fill in your personal information and save your record. NOTE: Your user name will be your school email addresss.
    • If you have already signed up for an escWorks account, go to and click on "ESA 7 Trainings (escWorks)" or "ESA 7 Events Calendar" to register for any professional development opportunity.
    • You may also go to to register for ESA or DOE sponsored professional development.

Upon completion of the ESA event, an evaluation will be emailed to you to complete and submit.Your feedback will help us continue to meet your needs in the future.

If you experience difficulty, go to this link for a user guide and more information.

Article on the Seven Assessment Strategies

Department of Education Documents
external image pdf.png 1_DOE_RevisionCycle.pdf

Math Documents
Math Core Standards
Math Unpacked Standards

external image pdf.png Math_Standards_Graphic.pdf
external image msword.png Math_CoreStandards_0K-2_09.doc
external image msword.png Math_CoreStandards_3-5_09.doc
external image msword.png Math_CoreStandards_6-8_09.doc
external image msword.png Math_CoreStandards_9-12_09.doc

Reading Documents
Reading Core Standards
Reading Unpacked Standards Updated 2007

external image pdf.png Reading_StandardsGraphic07.pdf
external image msword.png Reading_CoreStandards_07_0K-5.doc
external image msword.png Reading_CoreStandards_07_6-12.doc