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Once you enter the site, you can go to the "Documents" button on the upper right. This has several documents availalbe for review and to assist you in using the Achievement Series site. You may also click on the "Help" button and do a search.

One of the most useful is the Achievement Series User Buide: Teacher Version.

Achievement Series Documents (Core)
The document below contains directions for the most basic operations in Achievement Series. (Overview of the Achievement Series site, how to find a test ID, how to view/print an assessment as well examples of a student assessment and teachers reports.) These directions inlude picture clips to guide the user through the steps.

The same directions as above but without the picture clips. These documents just have the list of steps to go through.

Teachers can begin to the process of creating benchmark assessments in math, reading, and science using the Quick Pick feature. (This has been used to create math benchmark assessments since there are so many math strands).

There is some confusion between Achievement Series and DACS. This documents explains the difference.

If you have the security level to add/delete a class or student, the following two documents may be helpful:

Achievement Series Documents (Additional)

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